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Park Avenue SafeSight™ NEVER cuts flaps, ever!

Call our office today to learn more about our patented Advanced Surface Ablation laser vision correction technique SafeSight™ WHO WOULD WANT A FLAP CUT INTO THEIR EYE? call skype logo212.741.8628

All other centers in Manhattan specialize in LASIK, or another version of LASIK called IntraLase or i-LASIK, in which the flap is cut with a laser. IntraLase was developed to decrease the chance of complication while cutting the corneal flap. And it works–the risk in IntraLase is less than the risk in LASIK. However, you can never eliminate the risk of cutting a flap unless you actually stop cutting flaps–which Dr. Chynn stopped doing in 2005, when he introduced SafeSight™ to NYC!

In SafeSight™, instead of cutting your cornea in half to gain access, and lasering the back of your cornea, Dr. Chynn merely treats the front surface of your cornea–eliminating the need for the risky cutting step. Fully 90% of all LASIK complications involve the flap, so by not making a flap, we’re eliminating 90% of all possible complications (including the most serious ones). So again, we can treat higher Rx, we can treat it safer and you will never have a flap complication.


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