SafeSight Tattoo™


Dr. Chynn has made a habit out of treating cases that no one else can. Not only has he safely lasered the highest prescription ever in the world (-24.00 — the upper limit for LASIK is -9.00), he is also one of a handful of surgeons in the world trained in the proper technique of tattooing someone’s eyeball!

Dr. Chynn has consistently been at the forefront of ophthalmic techniques having trademarked his 100% Non-Cutting, SafeSight™ technique, which is 10x safer than LASIK, so safe that it’s actually safer than contacts. LASEK can even fix problems caused by LASIK–such as night glare or halos!

Dr. Chynn’s incredible successes have led him to be featured on a range of different media outlets such as The New York Times, CBS, and CNN. In fact, the last corneal tattoo Dr. Chynn performed (not live) was featured on Discovery Channel to an audience of millions. It was this piece on Discovery Channel that led Winston to seek Dr. Chynn’s help.

Winston has had a long and complicated history of eye problems and had cataract surgery performed back in 1983, followed by having a lens implanted in his cornea which damaged the cornea. Winston even had a corneal transplant performed in 1997. Unfortunately, the corneal transplant “failed” so now he has a totally white cornea that looks bad, and is cosmetically unacceptable.

He told Dr. Chynn, “I know nobody can make me see better out of that eye, and thank God it doesn’t matter so much since I’m seeing well out of my other eye. If only I could look more normal, I would feel better about myself, be able to look someone ‘in the eye’ and be a new, more confident person!”

Dr. Chynn previously performed a corneal tattoo for Mr. Ralph Lauren’s limo driver, who had an injury that left him with one eye that “looked like a cue ball” (his words). After his corneal tattoo, he said, “I thought the most dramatic difference would be in my work, as clearly people get ‘wigged out’ if their limo driver has one good eye. But the best thing is my daughter said, “Now I can invite my friends over to play, as before they would say mean things about you, and I would fight, and get into trouble for that.”

In order to ensure the best possible results, Dr. Chynn has coordinated with the top tattoo equipment manufacturer in NYC, to choose the highest-end, best tattoo machine, and a top tattoo artist to help him color-match the ink to exactly match the patient’s other iris color.

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