SafeSight™ Jewelry


NY’s most innovative Laser Vision Correction center Park Avenue SafeSight and world famous surgeon Emil W. Chynn MD MBA are bringing new trends from Europe to the east coast. Eye jewelry is safe and amazing, this special kind of procedure is only available at Park Avenue SafeSight™ in New York City. It’s called SafeSight Jewelry. Dr. Chynn is well known for bringing new trends in ophthalmology USA. He is most well known for his work on promoting LASEK, a vision correction procedure that is over 10 times safer than then commonly performed LASIK procedure.

Dr. Chynn continues his legacy as being the most innovative ophthalmologist in the world. He was the first ophthalmologist to get LASIK in 1999. He is also the first surgeon to exclusively switch to non-cutting LASEK because he has proven it is ten times safer than LASIK with a 100% perfect record from over 20,000 procedures. To further demonstrate the absolute safety and efficacy of this procedure Dr. Chynn performs all his SafeSight™ cases in the world’s only glass operating room facing the sidewalk.


eyejewel  SafeSight Jewlery eyejewel

SafeSight™ jewelry only takes a few minutes, and is performed in our glass OR. We give you Valium to relieve any anxiety, and anesthetic eye drops so you don’t feel anything at all. Afterwards, you take Tylenol for a few days, when your eyes may feel scratchy, but not painful. Lucy (our first patient) went to work 2 days later!

The SafeSight™ has been performed once before, by a surgeon in LA, for some Hollywood celebrity, who wishes to remain anonymous. Dr. Chynn regularly attends and is invited to lecture at ESCRS, which is the premier society of eye surgeons specializing in the cornea and refractive surgery in Europe. So this is how Dr. Chynn got exposed to this procedure. Park Avenue SafeSight is one of the most innovative centers in the country, with multiple surgeons from around the world visiting and studying under Dr. Chynn at all times, who perform research, publish in prominent journals, and present their findings at conferences around the world. Innovation and advancing the field of eye surgery is in our DNA—it’s what we do, and what we are known for around the US and abroad!

The cost for SafeSight jewelry is $ 3,000. This includes your preoperative testing, slit lamp exam, vision check, and intra-ocular pressure check (IOP), and dilated fundus exam, to ensure that eye is 100% normal. It includes the cost of your anesthesia, including Nitrous Oxide (NO2, or “laughing gas”) in the OR if you’re nervous (we are the only laser center in the NY Tri-State Region to offer NO2 for our nervous patients. All post-op. exams are included (typically 1-day, 1-week, and 1-month postop.), plus a DVD of your procedure direct from the surgical microscope (just like we give our LASEK patients, who often post on YouTube). A free explantation within 1 year is included (after 1 year the cost is $ 300), and “swap outs” are $ 1000.



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