Pioneering Investigation into Ophthalmology

This is a presentation that Dr. Chynn has been invited to give all over the world including ESCRS which is the # refractive organization in Europe and ASCRS which is the #1 refractive organization in America

The reason is because he has performed more advanced surface ablations than any other doctor in the world.

When you review this PowerPoint presentation, you should take away two points:

You Can Have LASEK With Extreme Prescription!
If you have an extreme prescription and you were told by a doctor that you couldn’t have LASIK, don’t give up. It doesn’t mean you can’t have LASEK!
lasek is safer for anybody!
Our non-cutting technique is SAFER for everybody, because it’s non-incisional and it will leave everybody with a thicker, stronger cornea in the end, which is safer.

Dr. Chynn graduated from Harvard’s ophthalmology program, which is probably the most famous in the world.

As the only member of his graduating class to specialize in Refractive Surgery, and now an recognized authority, Dr. Chynn is frequently invited back to Harvard to give updates on the State of the Art in Refractive Surgery.

This slide show presentation was given to 100 eye surgeons who flew in from across the country to learn the latest advances in glaucoma, retina, cataract surgery–and laser vision correction (from Dr. Chynn).

The title of his talk reflects the movement in the US and worldwide from leading surgeons that is called “Back to the Surface.” This means that surgeons are moving away from LASIK and IntraLase, to avoid flap complications and the # 1 problem causing lawsuits (iatrogenic keratoconus, or KC), and back to the surface.

For some doctors, this means going back to the original procedure, PRK, which has a lot of pain, delayed healing, and scarring.

For Dr. Chynn, this means performing an Advanced Surface Ablation, which is either a LASEK or epiLASEK. These are more advanced than PRK because they do not hurt, healing and recovery is quick, and there is no haze or scarring. For example, Dr. Chynn performs over 1,000 LASEKs and epiLASEKs per year–he performed his last PRK in 1999.

Obviously, he moved away from PRK to LASIK, then to IntraLase, and now back to the safer LASEK and epiLASEK procedures.

View the following slide show to find out more, and call us with your questions–better yet, come in and meet with our MDs!



Corneal Granular Dystrophy

We had this patient with this Corneal problem before surgery, plus Lazy eye, plus extreme prescription (-15.00D) who never thought she could ever see as well as she is now, Almost 20/20!! We completely got rid of her corneal dystrophy.