New Non-Invasive Procedure Will Make a Person Who’s Already 20/20 BETTER Than 20/20 for the 1st Time in History

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Emil Chynn, MD, MBA, who has been on CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox, Discovery Channel, Howard Stern, and Millionaire Matchmaker, but also has degrees from Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Emory, NYU, and is in MENSA, is going to do something never even attempted before–“call his shot” and make someone who’s already 20/20 BETTER than 20/20–and do it LIVE STREAMED on the internet.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 01, 2014

Park Avenue LASEK’s patient coordinator, Mark Callanan, never wore glasses in his life–because he was 20/20. He was unaware that people could even see better than 20/20 until he started working for Dr. Emil Chynn, of Park Avenue LASEK–when he started to notice that many of the LASEK patients were seeing 20/15 after surgery!

He wanted “super-normal” vision himself, because many patients raved about “being able to see the seams on a fastball” after their LASEKs. So Mark asked his boss, “Why can’t I see like our patients do–better than 20/20?”

Dr. Chynn thought about it, and explained to Mark that if he were still performing LASIK, he wouldn’t even consider operating on a patient with “perfect” vision–the risk/benefit ratio wouldn’t be favorable…doing so might even be considered unethical.

But with the new, safe, non-cutting LASEK procedure that he helped invent at Harvard and has continuously refined for the past 15 years, he was fully confident that he could make Mark “super-normal”

Dr. Chynn cut a “PreVue” lens with the laser, which allowed Mark to see exactly how he would see in “HD” after his procedure. Mark took the lens home to test it out, and came back the next day, saying “I’m in–I have never, ever seen this sharp, my entire life!”

On Thursday at 5PM, Mark is going to go under the laser, and is going to “live stream” his entire procedure with a GoPro camera, in the ONLY all-glass OR in the world, with the public and press attending–all so the world can see just how safe LASEK is, and watch him get to BETTER than 20/20–in 20 seconds!

After making Mark better than 20/20, Dr. Chynn will offer this same HD LASEK procedure to 1 member of the US soccer team at no charge–and make him better than 20/20, too!

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