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You’re spending hundreds of dollars every year on your glasses and contacts. Everything from buying an emergency pair, buying new contacts every few months, buying new saline solution, and buying prescription sunglasses. The only thing you’re not buying is your freedom from always having to rent your vision from companies that sell these products. Problem is, you already know laser surgery is less expensive in the long run but the problem is coming up with the money right now.

Park Avenue SafeSight not only guarantees you the most advanced laser technique (LASEK instead of LASIK) because it’s ten times safer, but we also offer financing options that will allow you to pay as much per day as you’re paying for your glasses and contacts. On average, people will spend about $2-$3 PER DAY to cover their annual cost of glasses, contacts, and everything that goes along with them. That’s almost $10,000 every decade!

Call us to book your free consultation. When you come in for your visit, you will meet with a doctor and then with our patient coordinator who will discuss options as low as 0% for the duration of the loan.
Stop renting your vision. Stop paying way more than you should. Say goodbye to depending on your contacts drying out your eyes and your glasses getting scratched up or worn down. Start owning your vision today by calling us at LASIK financing options call skype logo212-741-8628


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