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Call us for a free consultation today! Our expert staff, and even the surgeon himself, is more than happy to answer any questions that you might have before your appointment. Since we’re the only center that is exclusively non-cutting, you owe it to yourself to explore all of your options before you make the best decision of your life!

We offer appointments for consultations Monday through Friday before work, during your lunch hour, or even at the end of the day to accommodate you.
We even staff our clinic on Saturdays for your convenience.

About Us
Park Avenue SafeSight™

102 East 25th Street & Park Avenue South
NYC 10010, NY
Monday to Friday 9 to 6
Saturday 10 to 12
(212) 741-8628

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  • It’s FREE
  • We can use your insurance (even if you don’t have vision insurance!) to credit towards your surgery!
  • You get an exam by a real MD! Not an OD like in every other centre!
  • Our staff all of them had SafeSight™ and are now better than 20/20!
  • Talk to someone with the point of view of an employee and a patient.
  • Come to the only center that is exclusively doing the safest procedure available

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