Over the past decade, we have a dozen LASEKs for various charities, including the Dartmouth Club of New York, Cordozo Law School, Mt. Sinai Medical School, Pups for Peace (which trains bomb-sniffing dogs in Israel), Our Lady of Pompeii (Dr. Chynn’s church), and V-Day (preventing violence against women).We have raised over $200,000 in total for these charities! Each charity raises between $4,000 – $10,000 per donated LASEK (the regular retail price/value for this donated LASEK is $4,000). The better job that your charity does of promoting this valuable auction/raffle item, the higher you will be on this range! Understand that potential donors need to be psychologically prepared to bid or purchase raffle tickets on the free LASEK (unlike other donation items). This is because it is a surgical procedure (not dinner for 4). This means that they will need sufficient ways to “qualify” us as a top-notch center, and Dr. Chynn as a world class surgeon. Otherwise, they will not be comfortable/confident enough to bid/buy raffle tickets.

Please read the PDF attached here so that you can better understand our donation protocol!


Dr. Chynn has been very active in charitable giving over the past decade, and has donated many free SafeSight procedures to various charities for them to use for fundraising. These charities have collectively raised over $100,000 from our donated SafeSight procedures!

The Chynn Family Foundation is recognised by the IRS as a charitable organization, and was established in 2005 to promote education. The Chynn Family Foundation has donated over $100,000 to endowment scholarships to middle school students at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Tenafly, NJ, high school students at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, NJ, college students at Fordham University, and radiology residents at Columbia Medical School.

If you’re currently wearing contacts, we guarantee you can afford SafeSight, because all we do is charge you the same amount per month as you’re currently spending (wasting) on contacts.  However, if there is no way you can afford to pay even $2 per day to permanently get rid of your glasses and contacts, we have a solution for you:

We have a high-end practice, so many of our patients don’t care about the various discounts we offer (like saving $500 for setting up a Corporate Discount at work). We also have patients who are already active in charitable giving, but never get to meet the end-recipient and share their joy (e.g., you never get to meet the child you’re sponsoring in Save the Children).

Therefore, we came up with the following initiative, which is unique in the entire world:

If you come in and choose our top-of-the-line Diamond Package, and decide to voluntarily decline any discounts or credits you would qualify for, you can choose one person from our list of eligible candidates, who we would laser for free, as a charity case. We would laser both you and the person whom you are choosing to give the Gift of Sight on consecutive cases, so you can then share the excitement and joy of finally seeing perfectly without glasses or contacts (and the additional bond that you made the other person’s vision possible).

To apply to receive a free SafeSight procedure worth $4,000, you should submit the following information, which will get posted on our website:

  • your real first name and the first initial of your last name (Michelle K.)
  • your age (45)
  • your profession (mom, home health aid, also work at Starbucks)
  • your eyeglass or contact lens Rx (-3.00 in both eyes)
  • the story you want to tell as to why you want/deserve a free SafeSight procedure (i work 2 jobs to support my 2 kids, as i am a single mom. i get out of work as a LPN at 6PM, then work a 2nd job at Starbucks from 7-11PM every day, as it’s very difficult to support 2 kids on my salary. i have devoted my entire life to making things better for my kids, and i think i’ve done a pretty good job. unfortunately, that doesn’t leave any time or money/resources for myself. so this is something i have been dreaming about for a long time, and i hope that some nice generous person will choose me to be the recipient of their Gift of Sight)

Please note that the donor and recipient cannot know each other in any way before meeting through our practice, or this would be fraud and we will bill the 2nd person for the full cost of their procedure ($4,000).

So apply now, and hopefully you will be chosen by one of our generous patients (please note that it costs us approximately $1,000 to perform your SafeSight™ procedure in hard costs (laser “click” fees, OR sterile supplies, laser gas, etc)!

contact dr. chynn about charities!