Can’t have LASIK?

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You’re a bad candidate for LASIK. This is the worst sentence someone can hear when they desperately want to get rid of their glasses and contacts. You’ve spent years hating how contacts dry out your eyes and not seeing perfectly with your glasses. You lose your frames, and you spend hundreds of dollars each time on replacements. All you’re doing is spending money on glasses and contacts – and you hate it!

Then you go for a consultation with a reputable doctor and they tell you that you can’t have LASIK because you have thin corneas, or your prescription is too high. Maybe your eyes are already too dry for LASIK because the cutting technique has been known to lead to side effects that make dry eyes even worse. Great. Now what?

Well don’t worry. There is a solution. And you can still get rid of those glasses and contacts that are ruining your life!

Park Avenue SafeSight™ is the only center that exclusively performs non cutting LASEK. Aside from being ten times safer than the older, less advanced LASIK and Intralase techniques, many of our patients have found that even if they can’t have LASIK they can still have LASEK.

Put simply, because we utilize only the safest techniques available we can treat even the highest prescriptions safely. Dr. Emil Chynn, chief surgeon of Park Avenue SafeSight™ has treated prescriptions as high as -22…and you thought your eyes needed help.

Park Avenue SafeSight™ offers one of the largest refractive fellowships in the country. Many of Dr. Chynn’s fellows have literally flown from half way around the world to learn under him because they known non cutting LASEK is the future of safety and they want the best for their future patients when they open up practices of their own.

To find out if you would be a candidate for SafeSight™ to schedule your free consultation.


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