A world renown surgeon.

Dr. Emil W. Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA


About Dr. Chynn Chynn 3Dr. Chynn is, to the best of our knowledge, the only high-volume refractive surgeon in the US who performs 100% non-cutting Advanced Surface Ablations (ASA, defined here as LASEK or epi-LASEK), and who used to perform LASIK and had it himself, but switched to eliminate ALL flap-related complications (since there is no flap cut in ASA). All refractive surgeons will admit that the majority (defined as > 50%) of all LASIK complications are in some way flap-related (e.g., incomplete flap, full flap, buttonhole flap, flap striae, wrinkles, debris under the flap, DLK, post-LASIK ectasia or KC, etc.), so by eliminating the flap step, you eliminate the majority of possible complications!:)


He was an Attending Surgeon and on the Clinical Faculty at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, which has been recognized annually as the Top Specialty Eye Hospital in New York City by US News & World Report. He was the founding Co-Director of Refractive Surgery at St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he completed his internship in 1992. He was Resident Instructor in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital.

As part of his academic responsibilities, Dr. Chynn has taught over 50 eye surgeons how to perform LASIK and the more modern, no-cut LASEK procedures.

Why choose Dr. Chynn?
New York City’s most experienced No-Cut, No-Flap, All-Laser surgeon (this means he has performed more LASEK and epiLASEK (epi-LASIK) procedures than any other refractive surgeon in NYC, almost 30.000 to date; this is because every other full-time refractive surgeon in NYC with a laser center performs mostly the older cutting LASIK or IntraLase procedures, whereas Dr. Chynn made the decision several years ago to perform exclusively the newer non-cutting LASEK procedure)!

Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Emory, NYU are just the short list of institutions Dr. Chynn studied at


Was the first Eye MD in NYC to get LASIK himself


Was the first LASIK MD in NYC to stop performing LASIK in favour of a safer and better procedure called LASEK


With almost 30.000 surgeries performed and ZERO losses or settlements

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