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Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better life, free of glasses and contacts! Over the past decade, Dr. Chynn has helped tens of thousands of patients get rid of their corrective lenses and since 2005, has only been doing the safest procedure available.  He is one of the most experienced LASEK surgeons in NYC, if not the world, and has published extensively, both nationally and internationally. He is first author on over a dozen peer-reviewed publications, including all three leading ophthalmic journals in the United States   Your free consultation will include all the information you are seeking to make this very important decision, call us today! 
Dr. Chynn is New York’s most educated eye surgeon who was also featured by various media. He is also a Mensa member. Read more about Dr. Chynn’s education here.

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Park Avenue SafeSight is the safer choice for laser vision correction because we ONLY do the safest, non-cutting procedure and we do it more than anyone else!
Our team works harder so you can still get the safest for your vision at an affordable price. We find you credits off the cost using many options we will talk about during your free consultation.


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